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What it is
Open Pastebin NG is an easy-to-use utility for sharing text and code through the web. It can handle normal plain text (text without format), Java/C/C++ and Pascal source code syntax highlight at this moment. See a feature list below for more details.
It’s based on the Open Pastebin project ( All you need is a web hosting with PHP and MySQL.
Open Pastebin NG is free software released under the GNU GPL license (see details here).
This software is a BETA release, wich means it’s still on development. Use it at your own risk.

Project now stored on Github OPNG repository.

Project now stored in my iCloud Drive account. See Downloads section.

Version 0.4 contains this new features (long time ago suggested by Jarett Stevens).
Whats new:
* You can easily disable Short URL fetching on config.php
* Now OPNG uses md5 hashes to avoid some chars in resulting string.
* MySQL-injection security fix in submit.php

Project stored in See Downloads section.

Website has been merged with a blog page:
* Links updated
* Comments below

Project is still under development:
* I’m working on the suggestions sent by Mr. Jarett Stevens
* I’m also looking for a nice project/source code hosting

Website changes.
What’s new:
* Better (and larger) FAQ section
* License details added
* Minor corrections

2010-10-01 – Version 0.3
Version 0.3 contains this new features.
What’s new:
* Pascal source code syntax highligth
* Resulting URLs are now created by hashing the text instead of using consecutive numbers
* A short URL is given by using the API (php function by David Walsh)
* Link to Open Pastebin website (this page) added
* Minor bugfixes in the original source code
ZIP package: See Downloads section
PS: This is the first Open Pastebin NG version released, as the last Open Pastebin original project was abandoned at 0.2-development version wich can still be found at it’s Sourceforge page:

Website is online.

* Simple and clean user interface
* Stores data in a MySQL database
* No installation needed and very simple configuration
* URLs are really long and harder to type, but it also gives you a short-URL using service
* Fast performance, no heavy images or media is transferred, just text
* Various programming languages syntax hightlihting supported
* Clean and simple PHP, HTML and XML code
* Easy to add new syntax support


Open Pastebin-NG only requires a MySQL database and a PHP capable hosting.
It only needs about 46 Kb of storage.

Download the ZIP file (look for it in the Downloads section) and extract it to an empty directory
Edit the config.php file and set your hosting details, for example:
$mysql_server = "localhost:3306";
$mysql_username = "anon";
$mysql_password = "";
$mysql_dbname = "opbdb";

Optionally, you can turn off the short url fetching as well (on v0.4 or higher), by setting this:
Now, upload the files to your server.
Note: There’s no index file, you can write one on your own. To use Open Pastebin NG, load the pastebin.php on your browser.

Load on your browser changing the example domain for yours.
Select your type of text (plain or any source code) and type the text.
Press the «Submit» button. You’ll see the URLs where you can now read what you sent. You can also copy&paste the links into a email, chat, forum, IM…
After that you can send modifications to the code using the text box below the viewer.


What is Open Pastebin NG?
It’s a software running on a server to let you share text. It’s intended to be used to share the source code that programmers write and it allows other people to debug it in a simple way.

Can I use it to share plain text or anotations?
Yes, of course you can. Just select «Plain text» on the «Language» menu of the form.

And what about .doc Microsoft Word files and such stuff?
I’m sorry, but Open Pastebin NG is not intended to allow users to upload files, just publish plain text or code.

Not even images?

What is Open Pastebin NG like?
Open Pastebin NG may look like another clone, but your submissions are not listed in any site and only you will know the link where you can read it. Then you can share that link with the people you want, being shure that virtually no one else will see it.

The URL that Open Pastebin NG will create for your submission is generated by some parameters that make it unique. Although the resulting URL is a really complex combination of random characters, it’s possible to reach a submission just trying different combinations of characters, but the posibilites are really low. As there usually are 256 different characters in any computer you would have to match a 34 characters-long id, wich makes a total of ( 256! / (256-34)! ) posibilities, actually:
posibilities. Would you really spend time trying? Good luck =).
Optionally, you can use the «» short-url, wich will be really shorter.

Ok, and where is my data stored?
In a MySQL database. It’s safe for three reasons:
– Only admins can access it
– Data is stored in binary mode
– Data is stored by md5 hash, so admins won’t have too many clues to find a particular submission (see question above)

What do I need to use Open Pastebin NG? Should I pay for a hosting plan?
You don’t really need it, you can use an existing public installation of Open Pastebin NG (search for them). You may want to download Open Pastebin NG and then upload it to your server in the case you want to make an intensive usage or use it for a long period of time (any installation may clean it’s database if admins want to make maintenance, it does not depend directly on Open Pastebin NG).

Is Open Pastebin NG available in other languages?
Not yet, maybe in the future. Check for newer versions periodically or modify your OPNG files if you want to translate it.
If you do, let me know and share it with the rest of us =).

Can I download, modify and share again Open Pastebin NG?
Yes you can. Again, read the details of the GNU GPL license wich OPNG is released under. There’s an online copy of the license here.

I found a bug on Open Pastebin NG. Would you pay me any compensation? I lost my work!
No, I won’t. As highlighted at the top of this page, this software is BETA wich means it can still contain bugs or crash for any reason at some point.
Known bugs are listed below this FAQ (see here). If you find one, please send me your feedback (take a look at the Contact section).

How can I add more code syntax highlight?
Edit rules.xml file. It’s really easy.

Can I protect my entries with a password?
I’m sorry but, at this moment, Open Pastebin NG does not support password protected entries. This feature might be implemented in future versions.

How do I clean the database?
Load the empty.php file. If you want to protect your database from being cleaned by another user, change the filename for something arbitrary like «33~dfif6he746&&2.php» or, even better, do not upload it.

Known Issues
There are zero known issues at this moment, but your feedback is really appreciated.

* Download latest OPNG release
* OPNG v0.4
* OPNG v0.3

Please, leave a comment below. I speak English and Spanish.

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  1. Hola Emilio,

    Soy Teo, el que apañó ese Linux para los Prixton, que acabo de hacer otra cosa igual para las tabletas ijoy Galatea y como no encuentro tu correo, escribo esto en tu blog.

    No sé si tendrá éxito o no lo usará ni pichi pero con El prixton he tenido una mala experiencia porque he tenido que responder a un montón de correos. Lo ideal sería un foro sencillito o similar para no hablar las mismas cosas una y otra vez pero no tengo ganas de complicarme más.

    Con el Prixton fuiste uno de los pocos que no tuvo reparo en que estuviese el enlace a la info, etc. así que si estás de acuerdo, pondría en mi sitio que para dudas, etc. se dirigan a la página del blog que me digas, sólo tendrías que abrir el correspondiente hilo.

    ¿Y esto de Pastebin-ng? ¿es un proyecto tuyo?. Parece algo muy interesante.


    Teo Ramirez

    Me gusta

    1. Hola Teo,
      Open Pastebin NG es una herramienta derivada de OpenPastebin, un proyecto abandonado que me vino como anillo al dedo hace un tiempo (aunque desgraciadamente, mi versión está a punto de correr la misma suerte porque no le puedo dedicar todo el tiempo que me gustaría).
      En cuanto a poner enlaces sobre el «netbook» Prixton ¡Por supuesto! Siempre es bienvenido cualquier tipo de aporte y además para mí es un honor ser de ayuda a quienes más os involucráis en este tipo de tareas 🙂
      Siéntete libre para enlazarlo y muchas gracias por tu amable comentario!

      Me gusta

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